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bajra yield per acre in maharashtra

Over 85 per cent of the maize acreage is own under rain fed conditions during the monsoon when over 80 per cent of the annual rainfall is received. On the contrary despite wide fluctuations its production has increased at an average annual rate of 1.89 per cent […] I look for elite-yielding genetics with a solid disease package, and purchase the best seed treatment possible,” Wilkens says. Rajasthan 11.002 780 8.585 2. Maharashtra Farmer Grows 130 Tonnes of Sugarcane Per Acre, While Conserving Water Amar Patil from Sangli, Maharashtra started experimenting with his farming techniques to increase his sugarcane yield but instead Gives average yield of 8-12 qtl/acre. The pods attain edible maturity 65 days after flowering. Subsequent cuts are taken 45-50 days interval Productivity Green fodder yield : 400-500 qtl./acre per acre. The production of Wheat was only 6.46 million tonnes and productivity was merely 663 kg per hectare during 1950-51, which was not sufficient to feed the Indian population. monsoon. In Maharashtra Soybean, cotton, rice, tur, sorghum and bajra are major Kharif crops while, sorghum, wheat gram are the major crops grown in the Rabi season. The canes of sugarcane variety, CoPb 94 are tall, thick, cylindrical and yellow green in colour. Also, every year we grow 15-20 acres of sugarcane, 5-6 acres of banana and C 104: Kabuli gram varieties, Suitable for Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Ac 3331 3466 3704 135 372 Yield Per Acre - MT 13 15 24 1st Cut 19 23 41 4 22 2nd Cut 15 19 33 4 18 3rd Cut 12 13 11 0 -2 4th Cut 0 0 0 0 0 5th Cut 0 0 0 0 0 TOTAL 46 54 85 8 38 Fodder Price per Mt 1100 1100 1100 1100 Kharif Rabi Fodder RHB-58, Pusa-444, PAC-903, RHB-154, Jawahar Bajra Variety-2, GHB-558, Pusa- 605, Nandi-32. The Country used to import Wheat in Where yield gaps can be bridged by focusing onaverage. Dry chilli The area has decreased from 114.69 lakh hectares in 1960-61 to 89 lakh hectares in 1999-00 at an average annual rate of 0.57 per cent. Ratoon crops can be maintained for 10- 15 years. Seed Rate (Per acre) Rooted slips: 7400/acre Crop duration Perennial (3 years), Ist Cutting 60 to 70 days after planting. Seed Rate: 1.5 kg/acre Spacing: 45 cm x 15 cm Manure and Fertilizers: Apply four tons FYM/acre during the last plough. It is grown under extremely divergent climatic conditions in different parts of … In the year 2002-03, Haryana produced 11.38 lakh bales. After figuring all input costs, profit per acre of contest acres versus non-contest acres exceeded $100 per acre. Accounting for 11.91 per cent production and 6.77 per cent of hectarage, Haryana is the fifth largest producer of cotton in India. My father is a farmer in telangana state . It yields about 307 quintals of green fodder per acre. "Annual yield of wheat in India from financial year 2014 to 2018, with an estimate for 2019 (in kilogram per hectare)." Madhya Pradesh 58.541 714 41.774 3. In the last few years, farmers have been growing more than 100 tonne of sugar cane per acre and they are now aiming for 150-200 tonne per acre. A Maharashtra village revives by reviving a tank In one season, land prices in Dhangharwadi shot up from Rs 6,000-10,000 per acre (0.4 hectare) to Rs 1 lakh per acre. Statista. The bajra (ब जर ) yields, under irrigated conditions, touched 25 to 30 quintals per acre and 15 quintals under rain-fed conditions.With the demand from poultry feed industry growing, the price of coarse also looked up and reached Rs. In india most of the landlords have 5 -8 acres of land . Nadu) to 176 per cent (Andhra Pradesh), average an yield gap of 71 per cent nationally. q per acre of green fodder and grain yield of 12.8 q per acre of seed crop. The state has the second highest yield of 3.4 AREA, PRODUCTION AND YIELD OF MAJOR COTTON GROWING STATES DURING 2011-12 TO 2017-18 (A= Area in lakh ha, P= Production in lakh bales of 170 kgs. 2.3 As per ICAC publication ‘Cotton This Month – August 2019”, details of major country-wise area & productivity, production, consumption, export and import are as under:- Area & Productivity (Yield) (Area in Thousand Hectare Residual matter from rice and sugarcane contribute to at least 34 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively, of the total residue. Table 01: Bajra-Napier hybrid varieties released during 1989 – 2000 in India Variety and Station Year of release Green forage yield (t ha-1) Specific features PBN-83 (PAU) 1989 125-170 Resistant to major diseases and insect The estimated yield is around 20 tons per acre. He manages to get a good yield from millets (foxtail millet 3-3.5 quintals/acre, bajra 4-5 quintals/acre, sorghum 4-5 quintals/ acre and finger millet 4-5 quintals/acre) with proper management practices at the right time Specific amounts of fertilizer will vary according to the specific density of the fertilizer used. The average yield of kharif jowar is 450 lbs. Maize is essentially a warm weather crop. After every year the trees have to be cut back to 3 feet from ground level. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra are the important states. Study the pie-chart carefully and answer the questions. 1,100 a quintal. Rice: sterility. Maharashtra Index Page District Level Information of All Districts (Maharashtra) Ahmednagar Akola Amravati Aurangabad Bhandara Beed / Bid Buldhana Chandrapur Dhule Gadchiroli Gondia Hingoli Jalgaon Jalna Kolhapur Latur Mumbai Mumbai Suburban Nagpur Nanded Nandurbar Nashik Osmanabad Parbhani Pune Raigarh Ratnagiri Sangli Satara Sindhudurg Solapur Thane Wardha Washim … The textiles ministry estimates a 13 per cent decline in the average cotton yield in Maharashtra with major crop losses in Yavatmal and Jalgaon districts. If the production of rice is 5 times that of jowar and the production of jowar is 2 times that of bajra, then the ratio between the yield per acre of rice and bajra is : Villagers cultivate Yield of High Yielding Variety of Jowar in Major States 4.2.13 : Yield of High Yielding Variety of Bajra in Major States 4.2.14 : Yield of High Yielding Variety of Maize in Major States 4.2.15 : Yield of High Yielding Variety of Wheat 5. Ashok Khot, a … Expected Yield Estimated Production 1. Pant G 114: Ready to harvest in 150 days. • OL 14 (Oats): It is a multi-cut variety for irrigated areas of Punjab. Bajra growing area of Maharashtra under kharif rainfed situation. Maharashtra has the rate of Rs 3,000 per tonne of sugarcane, which means we get Rs 3 lakh per acre. Its average cane yield is about 390 quintals per acre. ADVERTISEMENTS: There has been gradual decline in the area of Bajra. ICM4-155 gave higher yield than the standard check and adopted for all growing tracts of India.Also H-306, NH-338 and hybrid like MP-204, MP205 have been identified. soybean-cotton-tur-Gram is the major crop system observed in the But people in this little village in Maharashtra's Yavatamal district are not thinking of selling their land. Annually, the states generating the most farm residue (in million tonnes) include Uttar Pradesh – 59.97, Punjab – 50.75, Maharashtra – 46.45, Andhra Pradesh – 43.89 and Karnataka – 339.94. Maharashtra 40.398 1125 45.446 4. Per reports, as high as ninety-nine talukas in the state are chronically drought affected. To convert kg/ha to kg per acre, divide by 2.5 (or multiply by 0.4). Andhra Pradesh 1.599 1028 1.644 5. Gives average yield Per Maharashtra state Agriculture Portal, the state has 24 per cent of drought-prone area of the country. Out of this, Rs 70,000-80,000 is the cost. … It is resistant to blight. Farming in india is a tough profession to choose Because of the population and available cultivation land. Agro-climate required for Bajra Cultivation: Bajra grows well in dry and warm climate conditions and it’s drought tolerant crop which requires low annual rainfall ranging between 40 cm to 60 cm. Direction: The pie-chart provided below gives the distribution of land (in a village) under various food crops. 25-35 Kg of dried chilli is obtained out of total 100 Kg of fresh chilli. Plant … 20 kg N, 15 kg P 05 and 12 kg K20/acre as basal dose and 15 kg N/acre … Ideal temperature for bajra cultivation is between 20 oC to 30 oC. BJP's Promised Aid For Bajra Farmers May Yield Little In Rajasthan Polls Government procurement is a lengthy process and the rule that it cannot buy more than 25 per cent of … It give average yield of 12-14 qtl/acre. Its seed yield is 10 Cotton farmers in Maharashtra are set to lose nearly 13 per cent of their output this year due to pink bollworm attacks on the standing crop in major production regions of the state. Chilli Production per Acre According to the variety, climatic conditions, soil and growth conditions, fresh chilli yield varies from 30-40 quintal per acre. J 87 (Groundnut): It is suitable for both spring and kharif seasons. March 12, 2020. yield of this hybrid is 9.8 quintals per acre. each and Y= Yield in kg per ha) STATE 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18* “Overall, the largest factor in determining yield potential is variety selection. NBH-149, VBH-4 developed for Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra are capable of producing 14% higher yield. Chart. But under ideal conditions, the yield per acre can be raised up to 5,000 to 6,000 lbs. Its pod yield is 15.3 q per acre in spring season and 12.8 q in kharif season. The oil content of this hybrid is 43.7 per cent.

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