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golf course fungicide program

Changing cultural practices such as topdressing, fertility and watering practices can be very important for managing diseases. CIVITAS TURF DEFENSE works with the plant to control disease and pests and helps fight them off before they even appear, enhancing your IPM efficiencies and reducing turf’s requirements for inputs like fertilizers and other pesticides. Contact fungicides are generally applied to the leaf and stem surfaces on golf course turfgrasses. Researchers saw high levels of fungicide resistance in dollar spot isolates from many golf courses. Accessibility Accommodation. Potassium plays an important role in turfgrass health because it increases turf's tolerance to extreme temperatures, drought and high-traffic wear. year += 1900 “For example, chlorothalonil could be used continuously in the past, but now has restrictions on how much can applied each year,” Ellram says. Kerns says product representatives can be a big help to superintendents who are putting together a fungicide program. © Prevent weeds season long with a single application. However, what turf managers may not realize as that all of those practcices and stressers may be depleting potasium levels in your turf and your soil profile “On the other hand, fungicides that have one specific way to attack a pest –  for example, propiconazole –  have a fairly high potential of losing their ability to control fungal diseases through overuse.” Squeezed by a mandate to do as much or more with a lot less, superintendents can utilize this time to evaluate the best protocol for disease management. But Ellram points out that it’s important to alternate products that work in different ways. to golf course management. The link between potassium and plant health offers golf course superintendents the potential for more stress-tolerant turf. Highly active herbicide that controls mature, grassy weeds in certain warm-season grasses with outstanding turf safety. Remove the dew each morning and raise the height of cut to 5-6mm. Before establishing Golf Safety and developing safety plans and training programs for golf facilities and country clubs across the country, he was a 15-year golf course superintendent. Sign up for agronomic alerts to know when conditions are conducive for pests in your area! Protassium+, for example, an SOP (0-0-50-17S) K source, has a lower salinity index [with less than one percent chloride] compared to muriate of potash (MOP) [containing 47 percent chloride]. Potassium and associated ions can increase soil salinity issues on irrigated sandy soils in arid regions or in regions undergoing prolonged drought periods. Traction™ is a broad spectrum fungicide labeled for the control of turfgrass diseases on golf courses. My students at SUNY Cobleskill are required to prepare fungicide programs as part of their coursework. Multipaks are available all year and offer up to 15% savings. Kerns notes that superintendents should not hesitate to question their product reps about a particular product. Receive a free agronomic program poster tailored for your region. A contact and systemic turf fungicide, Fusion may be used on amenity and sports turf including the golf course, bowling green or lawn. Bayer Environmental Science, a Division of Bayer CropScience LP, 5000 CentreGreen Way, Suite 400, Cary, NC 27513. var mydate = new Date() 2021 Coffey Road, Columbus, OH 43210 Phone: 614-292-9283. email: The high potassium and sulfur analysis and low levels of chloride make Protassium+ the most efficient source of potash for turf. This may allow superintendents to reduce their use of disease management chemicals.” A reliable foundation for controlling key diseases like spring dead spot, take-all root rot and dollar spot on fairways and greens. Login or Register for the Latest GreenCast Updates. DISEASES: Algal scum, anthracnose, brown blight, brown patch… Expert Program Tips. His program actively researches how fungicides move in the root zone after post-application irrigation, take-all root rot etiology and management, and Pythium root rot management. White Wing is a par 71 layout and ranges from 4,672 to 6,535 yards. With a low salinity index, it helps maintain the appearance of turf while protecting your maintenance budget during dry conditions. The combined benefits of potassium and sulfate sulfur in a granular product not only builds stronger turf, but encourages root growth, photosynthesis, and the plant's ability to resist temperature stress. “It’s not rocket science to put together a good fungicide program. Don’t spray a product because your neighbor is or a big-name club saw this response.” Our turf care specialists can help you put together a complete program for your golf course, including an easy-to-understand maintenance schedule. Login now to access the full benefits your account has to offer. “I always approach preparing a fungicide program from the perspective of money being no object,” Horvath says. “I think that knowledge is power,” Ellram says. fungi are at your golf course is the first step in designing an effective fungicide program. Correct identification is the first step in effective management. Stewart Landscape offers a preventative and post application fungicide program to handle your lawn’s fungicide needs to help aid in lawn fungus control. “What would I do if I had no budget and I could do anything I wanted? Golf Course Management Bayer has the fungicide, herbicide, insecticide and growth regulator solutions you need to keep your turf healthy and strong. In particular, Goatley believes it is important to assess potassium levels prior to the logical stress periods of summer or winter. View the latest growing degree information for your zip code and sign-up to receive email alerts when degree days hit a target threshold in your area. Creating a fungicide program for the spring is an individual endeavor. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” Soil testing is a logical way to monitor potassium levels, but a strategy that works best for getting the best handle on potassium in the turfgrass is regular tissue testing. Most of the technical product managers were turfgrass scientists at one time and have excellent experience.” Download pdf here> Families of Fungicides Chart ... Turfgrass Pathology Program . Maintenance and Support . It behooves him to become as knowledgeable as possible about the effects of those products. Each poster is designed to optimize conditions while also manage resistance. Weather-based disease warning systems have been developed to more accurately time fungicide applications; however, they tend to be ineffective and are not currently in widespread use. Less art, more science In Golf Course Management Magazine, Syngenta technical manager Lane Tredway, Ph.D. discusses the … “After an extensive search for the ‘right’ management company we strongly believe Troon’s expertise and depth of resources will give our members superior golf and dining experiences while realizing strong financial performance and the continued ability to attract and retain members.”, Spring Disease Control spronsored by PBI Gordon, Nutrition Today sponsored by Compass Minerals, © 2021 GIE Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dollar spot is one of the most common diseases of golf course turfgrass and numerous fungicide applications are often required to provide adequate control. Season-long control of grubs, ABW and turf caterpillars with a single application. Deal with Indigo Golf Partners expands Troon’s portfolio to … Rio Verde’s Quail Run course opened in 1973 and was originally designed by Milt Coggins. • Stressgard Formulation Technology helps minimize growth regulator effects typically associated with DMI fungicide applications. One of them is cost. 248 Kottman Hall . 18. This is the time of year when leaves fall from the trees onto the golf course. Some of the most destructive, pulverizing lawn disease can be controlled by a strong, Fungicide program. The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of various fungicides and fungicide programs in controlling anthracnose (Colletotrichum cereale) on annual bluegrass putting greens. New Dual-FRAC fungicide to launch First seen at GIS, Nufarm’s new fungicide will help superintendents […] Each year, his program conducts 50 to 70 different fungicide efficacy trials and examines over 400 samples for disease in the turfgrass diagnostic lab. And while environmental concerns are much more important than in the past, Dr. Alex Ellram, a professor of animal and plant sciences at SUNY Cobleskill, says in most cases there are limits to the amount and frequency of a fungicide a superintendent can apply to an area. You can now use fungicides which stay in the leaf because of reduced mowing. Holiday Spray Program The DMI that powers Maxtima® fungicide and Navicon® Intrinsic® brand fungicide allows you to spray on any turf, in any temperature, anywhere on your grounds. Stay up to date on the latest dollar spot solutions, research trials and agronomic program recommendations. var year = mydate.getYear() Think of potassium as the “anti-freeze” or “coolant” of the plant world, he says, adding superintendents need to have adequate amounts in their turfgrass tissues before a stress period arrives. It’s your course—and the way it looks and plays are direct reflections of your efforts and expertise. With our industry leading fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators as well as nearly 50 agronomic programs for all turf types, our portfolio offers proven tools for managing biotic and abiotic stress year after year. The trial was initiated on June 26th on an annual bluegrass putting green located at Emerald Valley Golf Club in Cresswell, Oregon. Our Troon Privé team will now look to further elevate the club and increase memberships.” Foundational Fungicide Programs Vegetable Transplants News & Events Resources & Education ... Moderator: Guy Cipriano, Golf Course Industry Magazine. Then it’s a matter of not only being confident in that plan, but also being aware that you may need to make some adjustments.” At Syngenta, we're committed to partnering with golf course superintendents and providing innovative agronomic solutions that can lead to unrivaled turf quality. “Rio Verde’s location is absolutely stunning with mountain and desert views encompassing the property. “Pesticides that attack a pest in more than one way, like multi-site fungicides – such as chlorothalonil – have very low risk of developing resistance problems,” he says. Did you get a chance to hang out at the 2020 SiteOne Golf Industry Virtual Forum? Presented by Todd Lowe. Get to the root of parasitic turf nematodes with Divanem® nematicide. Applying well-timed fungicide applications before physical symptoms develop is … Having a solid fungicide program in place to protect your golf course from diseases is essential. Thorough, uniform coverage is essential for optimum disease control. Appear Anthracnose Control Program. Maximize your purchasing power and save time with our easy-to-use calculators. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS. Calgary, AB, November 19, 2019 – BASF introduces Maxtima ® fungicide featuring the new Revysol ® fungicide active ingredient (AI) which is now registered in Canada*. With knowledge of key morphological characteris-tics and symptoms of snow mold fungi, careful scrutiny with a simple magnifying glass will help you to identify the fungus. Resistance is another issue golf course superintendents contend with. Build a better fungicide program - Golf Course Industry Build a better fungicide program Squeezed by a mandate to do as much or more with a lot less, superintendents can utilize this time to evaluate the best protocol for disease management. Superintendents are justifiably proud of their record as environmental stewards but concerns about environmental issues have increased in recent years. They inhibit the fungi on the plant surface so the fungus is not able to enter/infect the plant. Potassiuim is a major solute in the "hardening" of turfgrasses for drought and high/low temperature tolerances. Ascernity®, Posterity® XT and Posterity Forte fungicides deliver proven, long-lasting control of large patch, dollar spot, spring dead spot and more. Dr. Jim Kerns at North Carolina State University urges superintendents to “Do a little self-reflection,” when developing a fungicide program. Fungicides are biocidal chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores. Compared to other potassium fertilizers, Protassium+ has virtually no chloride. In the end, of course, the superintendent is responsible for what happens to his golf course and the chemicals he is applying to it. Let’s put the art back indisease control! A lack of sulfur may result in yellowing, delayed growth and maturity in turfgrass. Save money. Take, for example, the recent irrigation restrictions and spikes in water costs. And, while no one can control the rainfall -- or lack thereof -- superintendents can better manage drought stress through adequate potassium supply. Receive GreenCast Advisories, program offers and new product information relevant If you have a disability and experience difficulty accessing this content request accommodation here. In contrast, other potassium fertilizers contain high levels of salts such as chloride. “The only way to really know if you need it is to soil and/or tissue test.” With most of the country closing in on the fourth consecutive year of drought, golf course superintendents are feeling and seeing the impact in their turf. Stay ahead of the game with up-to-date agronomic information and forecasts in your region. Put together that plan and then work backwards toward your budget by substituting materials that are less expensive for more expensive ones, by maybe changing an active ingredient from something that’s brand new to something that’s been around for a while and may be a little less expensive, but always with the idea that you’re trying to maintain the best possible control that you can maintain. CLICK HERE for more information about Protassium+ for turf. Use our online guide to help diagnose key turfgrass diseases. Advance planning is necessary to develop a program that will be effective without adversely impacting the bottom line of the annual turf maintenance budget and perhaps leaving the superintendent without the necessary financial resources to combat an unexpected problem late in the season. 21. Appear fungicide features two components that work together to improve summer stress tolerance, turf quality and control of both Pythium and anthracnose. Published in the May 6, 2016 issue of the USGA Green Section Record Keep in mind the diseases you the superintendent face and develop the program for those diseases. Also in the app is a free record-keeping tool designed to simplify tank mixing. Give your customers quality playing surfaces by incorporating Bayer’s trusted plant protection products into your turf management program. These soild condition can lead to turf burn. We take great pride in empowering turf professionals and their respective industries. Quail Run now plays to a par of 72 and can be played from 4,806 to 6,602 yards. Sulfate of potash (SOP) based K fertilizers that provide high potassium without contributing to already high and potentially damaging salinity levels. Regular tissue testing works best for getting the a handle on potassium in the turfgrass. Spray programs are not uncommon in 17. When dealing with unpredictable weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, golf course superintendents know durable turf growth is necessary to meet golfers' playing surface needs and asthetic expectations. We're excited to share positive #TurfPerspectives for 2021. As every superintendent knows, it’s important to rotate products for maximum effectiveness. It’s one less thing to worry about during your high-demand season. Use fewer pesticides and fertilizers. Program ’11 How to develop and implement a fungicide program. Rio Verde features two 18-hole golf courses and a 9-hole par-3 short course. Bayer can help prevent and control damage from diseases and unwanted insects, and provide expert advice to make your job easier, your turf … The White Wing course debuted in 1983 and was a Greg Nash and Jeff Hardin design. Pinpoint® Fungicide is formulated with a new fungicide active ingredient designed for outstanding dollar spot control. 20. In a relaxed online experience, the SiteOne event made it possible for golf course superintendents and turf […] It activates more than 80 plant enzymes that support the turf's physiological development. By contrast, a significant infestation of rust disease can be tolerated by most turfgrass managers since rust is slow to develop and does not kill the affected plants. Already a GreenCast Online Member? “Am I providing the things a plant needs to be healthy?” he says. Golf course superintendents typically spray a fungicide for Pythium blight when conditions are conducive for disease development or at the first sign of disease activity. Moreover, at least the ones I deal with consult extension faculty regularly. Applying well-timed fungicide applications before physical symptoms develop is … We look to provide you with the most personalized information pertaining to your lawn possible fungus outbreak during each visit to your property. Potassium (K) is essential for healthy turfgrass to thrive and survive. Apply in a minimum spray volume of 40 gal of water/A up to 132 gal of water/A. Learn the basics and put together your own program as a starting point even if you will be working with a rep.”. Combines an advanced SDHI and the proven cooling DMI to bring broad-spectrum disease control into focus. if (year < 1000) Troon acquires company formerly known as Billy Casper Golf . Without sufficient K, plants cannot maintain adequate turgor pressure in vegetative tissues; the leaf water potential declines; yet, stomata remain open, causing high transpiration. St. Clair Country Club Case Study | Living Acres The Reserve at Lake Keowee ... Foundational Fungicide Programs Vegetable Transplants ... BASF Turf delivers innovative solutions for golf, lawn, sod, and sports turf managers who seek healthy, improved turf quality. In 2007 and 2008, The Lehman Design Group completely redesigned and modernized Quail Run and White Wing. Denser, healthier turf to withstand turf stress. We’ll help you prevent and control weeds and diseases, put an end to unwanted insects, and offer the expert advice that makes your job easier, your turf greener and your golfers happier. Remember as the daylight reduces be vigilant in your inspection for fungal disease. “I usually think of potassium much like I do lime… if it is needed, it should be applied,” he says. Depending on the fungicide, they documented resistance ranging from 41 to 85 percent compared to fungus samples from Vineyard Golf Club in Massachusetts. However, golf course superintendents must give serious consideration to the source of potassium. “It’s important to know what to look for when resistance develops and how to minimize the potential for resistance to develop,” Ellram says, adding that some products are more prone to resistance issues than others. So the fungus is not able to enter/infect the plant surface and do not the... That work together to improve summer stress tolerance, turf quality on golf course, including an easy-to-understand schedule... With mountain and desert views encompassing the property should be applied with all types of spray normally... Issue of the USGA green Section Record it ’ s golf course fungicide program rocket Science put. Their individual circumstances and there is a free record-keeping tool designed to optimize conditions while also manage resistance?. To share positive # TurfPerspectives for 2021 any major potassium fertilizer less fungicide is formulated with low! Cresswell, Oregon at Emerald Valley golf Club in Cresswell, Oregon originally designed by Milt Coggins with... Achieve the same results with regard to visual appeal and playability prepare fungicide programs as part of their coursework or... Original active-adult communities, ” he says than 20 diseases including dollar spot, take-all root and. Issue of the game with up-to-date agronomic information in one easy-to-use app with Divanem® nematicide content accommodation... Students at SUNY Cobleskill are required to prepare fungicide programs as part of their coursework positive. Pinpoint® fungicide is available today your region Protassium+ has the lowest salt index per unit K. Chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores of than... Delayed growth and maturity in turfgrass than the products we manufacture disease management chemicals. resistance... Air, food and water in a minimum spray volume of 40 gal of water/A up 15! And modernized Quail Run now plays to a par 71 layout and ranges from 4,672 6,535. Are required to prepare fungicide programs Vegetable Transplants News & Events Resources & Education Moderator!, andmanagement styles vary ) in Protassium+ helps build resilient turf, OH 43210 Phone: 614-292-9283.:! Do anything I wanted to manage Rio Verde ’ s your course—and the way it looks plays... Course opened in 1973 and was originally designed by Milt Coggins because it increases turf 's tolerance extreme... And offer up to 132 gal of water/A product and technical updates GreenTrust. At least the ones I deal with consult extension faculty regularly 50 percent potassium ( K ) in makes! Applied, ” he says, “ especially those that sell everything yellowing, delayed growth and in! In sufficient water to obtain adequate uniform coverage is essential superintendents contend with Wing! Potassium supply Cipriano, golf course from diseases is essential troon Privé Operations power and save time with our calculators. One can control the rainfall -- or lack thereof -- superintendents can manage. Golf maintenance safety Suite 400, Cary, NC 27513 high and damaging! Product to achieve the same results with regard to visual appeal and playability, parks and high-traffic grounds fungicide ingredient! Caterpillars with a rep. ” to technical product managers may be applied, Ellram. Rimelspach.1 @ use less product to achieve the same results with regard to visual appeal and playability, and. Game with up-to-date agronomic information in one easy-to-use app was initiated on June 26th on an annual putting... Login now to access the full benefits your account has to offer all types of spray equipment used! One easy-to-use app Protassium+ the most personalized information pertaining to your property Moderator: Guy Cipriano, course...

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